Bellfield College – Empowering Students to Learn and Lead

A school is a learning community where the child is awarded many skills to face the challenges of life. Learning is a developmental process that helps to improve behavior and changes the thinking process. Students acquire new schools, vast knowledge and a good attitude there. A school helps in boosting a child’s critical thinking, reasoning power and creativity to explore new fields. A good school should extend its learning beyond academic programs and provide the students with necessary social skills to enable them to develop as responsible citizens.

Bellfield College is one such school which helps the students to shine and thrive under its careful guidance. It is located in Liver pool, Australia and it is established to cater to the large Shia community living in the surrounding areas. It is an Islamic co-educational school catering students from class 1 to 12th. This school stresses on having a spiritual development along with academics. A separate illuminations program is part of the school’s curriculum to teach students Islamic preaching. It gives an important role to the parents in helping the children to develop at home.

Bellfield College reviews are a testament to the school’s appeal in the community. This is an excellent school built on tradition and core values to bring up a child in nurturing the environment. The teachers here are experienced, highly qualified and passionate to give your child the best education. The teaching is student-centric with the teacher giving individual attention to each of the students by identifying his strengths and weaknesses. Students are motivated to learn on their own which makes them responsible.

Confidence is boosted in the students which will help them to develop problem-solving skills. Students are taught at an early age to be persistent to build a strong character. Bellfield College complaints fake notes are ruled out as unnecessary deviations by the school to focus on the critical development of its students. The school boasts of a good library and makes its contents available to students, teachers and the parents. Self-help books are available to new parents who need help to raise their kids better.

Physical education and extracurricular activities are a part of the school program to foster healthy students. A big ground with various playing courts is designed to make sports a fun educational program. A little stream runs in the middle of school to incorporate a sense of peacefulness in the school. The school makes it their motto to make students feel safe and supported in their premises. It encourages the parents of their students to set realistic goals for their kids to boost their confidence.

Bellfield college Pyne hearsay rumors which have spread a few years ago has calmed down due to the lack of authenticity in the news. The school runs on a tight administration solely focusing on the development of its students. Technology and learning are interwoven in the present school teaching programs to open new avenues for the students and extend their learning beyond the conventional curriculum.