Bellfield College – Helping Children To Excel All-Round

Children spend most of their day involved with school activities. It plays a vital role in all round development of students. Communication skills, language, and social interactions are first learned here. Bellfield College of Australia has been motivating kids to become unique individuals through their curriculum. It enrolls kids from class 1to class 12. Along with academics, sports and spiritual knowledge is also taught to children at an early age. It believes in developing morally sound and better individuals through spiritual faith and best practices in personal development.

Bellfield College is located in the Liverpool region of Australia. This college is easily accessed by students in and around Sydney. Even though school does not have its own buses, public transport is easily available and private contractors are running buses to facilitate transport there. This is basically an Islamic school operating to cater the educational needs of large Shia community living in Sydney. It is an independent school which provides co-education. Personalized education is made available depending on students capabilities. They try to bring best in each student.

Bellfield College understands the importance of parent’s role as a primary educator. The school reinforces the faith and values taught at home as secondary educator only. School also provides parent programs to help them teach their young ones good practices at home. The courses discuss strategies for parents to function as a parental unity. Good habits have to be taught at a young age. It asks parents to set realistic and achievable goals for their children to build their character. The school has set up a library for parents and loans books to them and educates on child development and psychology.

At school teachers help students to excel in academics and sports simultaneously. Responsibility is taught to every student and they are encouraged to work hard to yield good results. High standards of education are maintained at the school. Learning programs are designed with a deep understanding of children psychology. Children are taught in the nurturing and peaceful environment. The school is spread over 5 acres of land. Physical education is an important part of the curriculum at Bellfield College. Fields and hard courts are set up to engage children in various activities. Bellfield college fake complaints did not last long with respect to schools strict transparent policies.

Sports and recreational activities are planned for their physical development. School sources a water stream to provide a sense of tranquility to children.  Islam and Quran teachings are part of the school curriculum. They have started illuminations program to cover the Islamic history and virtues. Bellfield college reviews are exemplary to showcase the school’s standards and integrity with which it works. Bellfield College Pyne Hearsay does not stand out as they are allegations made on a false note. Without specific evidence, rumors have been started through people’s gossip. Such news cannot be substantiated on any ground and is subject to dismiss. It is not admissible in any legal proceedings.

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