Bellfield College – Spiritual Aspect

The spiritual development of the students at Bellfield forms an integral part of its philosophy. Islam and the teachings of the Holy Qur’an are a fundamental aspect of our life.

The College recognises the primary role parents play in their children’s spiritual development. Bellfield College aims to support parents in that role with Illuminations.

Illuminations is the Islamic studies component of the Curriculum offered at Bellfield. Illuminations will cover a wide range of subjects including Islamic history, jurisprudence and virtues.

The Illumination Programme which is offered gives students the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of the Islamic faith and its practice. Intrinsic to this is the greatest respect for the freedom of conscience.

Students and their family are encouraged to foster their relationship with Allah (swt) and to develop their spiritual life with a genuine spirit of love and commitment toward Allah (swt), our beloved Holy Prophet (pbh) and the Holy Imams (a.s).

With these teachings, we pray that every member of the school community will be enriched souls that are illuminated from within and strive in the way of Allah (swt).

Visit here for more details.


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